A migrant rescued at sea and disembarked in the port of Pozzallo, Sicily. Credit: Oxfam
A migrant rescued at sea and disembarked in the port of Pozzallo, Sicily. Credit: Oxfam

The organization Oxfam said the new centers proposed by the EU will be the new detention camps and is urging to reopen Italian ports and to reform the European asylum system.

Oxfam Italia's policy advisor for the migration crisis, Paolo Pezzati, said in a statement that ''those called controlled centers by the European Union could in reality become detention camps''. He said the system has ''already failed with hotspots created in Greece, where people have to survive in inhumane conditions''. 

Instead of creating new camps, the Oxfam representative added, "European governments should work for a true reform of the asylum system in order for it to be based on sharing responsibility between all member States, placing at the top the security and safeguard of the rights of those fleeing war, persecution and famine''. 

Landings areas outside EU threaten human rights 

The creation of landing areas outside the EU - continued Oxfam - threatens the human rights of migrants. ''Refugees who have ended up in European hotspots, in particular Greek ones, regularly wait for more than two years before authorities decide on their asylum requests through procedures that are often not clear and unjust. This often forces asylum seekers, many of whom have been traumatized or are trafficking victims, to live in a legal limbo that makes it difficult for them to access basic services, adequate healthcare and education for the children''.

''Creating landing areas outside Europe - said Pezzati - is certainly not the solution and, on this point, the systematic violation of human rights in Libyan lagers should be a warning''.

He continued saying that all this ''represents yet another attempt by Europe to shed responsibility on poor countries. It is a recipe for failure that directly threatens the rights of women, men and children who are already forced to risk their lives, leaving behind an entire life in their country''. 

Ports shutdown among causes of deaths at sea 

The association asked to reconsider the shutdown of Italian ports, which is one of the causes of the latest deaths at sea - 564 in June, ''a trend that is being tragically confirmed also in July''. Oxfam is supporting the campaign Welcoming Europe which has the objective of gathering one million signatures to the European Commission to ask for a migration law to overcome the difficulties faced by national governments in managing migration flows.

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