Food distribution among refugees from Hudaydah | Credit: IOM
Food distribution among refugees from Hudaydah | Credit: IOM

According to the most recent estimates by the International Organisation for Migration, more than half of the population from Hudaydah has been displaced due to the escalation of violence.

The UN migration agency International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said that according to its estimates, the displaced population of Hudaydah, the main port city in Yemen, has now reached an estimated 336,846 people due to a flare up in violence that began two months ago. The UN says that currently, the situation in Yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

According to IOM's latest surveys of the population, the situation deteriorated further in June 2018 when a frontal assault on Hudaydah led to the displacement of more than half of the city's population of 600,000. 

Over 6,000 displaced in 10 days 

In a statement, IOM said between July 29 and August 7, its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) identified an increase of 1,393 displaced households (estimated 6,636 individuals) forced to leave their places of residence in Hudaydah. 

This brings the total number of households forced to leave their homes since the escalation of conflict in early June to 57,534. The largest increases were identified within the Amanat Al Asimah, Taizz and Ibb Governorates.

Most of the displaced population has been living on savings, selling property, gold, cars, and other assets they had for almost two years now, since the collapse of the government and infrastructure in Yemen. 

IOM partners estimate that more than 20 million people need humanitarian assistance across Yemen. 

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