Police evict migrants from a building in Turin | Credit: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO
Police evict migrants from a building in Turin | Credit: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

Italian authorities said the migrants were expelled from Italy after having participated in a violent revolt in a repatriation center in Turin on August 6.

Eight Tunisians and three Moroccans have been expelled from Italy because they participated in a revolt on August 6 in a Pre-Removal Detention Centre (CPR) in Turin.

According to Italian authorities, the August 6 revolt was an attempted escape. Mattresses and furnishings were set on fire, producing smoke and ash in all the rooms. One person even climbed onto the roof and threatened to harm himself with glass shards in an attempt to attract law enforcement attention and provide a distraction from those who, with bricks in hand, were trying to break the gates and escape.

The revolt was prepared and organised in the smallest details, Turin police investigators who worked on the case said.  Along with the eleven people who were expelled, a man from Senegal was arrested, and a Tunisian man was issued a citation for violence and resisting a public official.

Authorities continuing probe

An investigation into the episode is ongoing, and officers are reviewing surveillance camera footage in order to determine those responsible for the violence.

The revolt was followed by moments of tension on August 11 and 12. A group of guests destroyed walls and windows, taking bricks, glass, nails, and metal fragments to throw at police and workers in the center. For the first time in two years, the violence involved all the pavilions in the center.

As of now, though, calm has reportedly returned to the center.

In the alleged escape attempt on August 6, various common-use objects were used as weapons. After the riots, police seized four metal clubs, which were taken from the breakage of the roofs, doors, and windows; a metal cable taken from a phone booth; 20 lighters; 15 razors; 19 pieces of sharpened plastic; seven bolts; a drill bit; four metal nail clippers; four handmade daggers; and 10 metal and cement fragments.

There were also ropes made out of sheets and bed covers braided together that were allegedly meant to be used to climb over the center's fences.

The Turin CPR is Italy's largest migrant detention center. At the moment, there are about 170 people detained there.


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