An anti-racism demonstration in Naples. Credit: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
An anti-racism demonstration in Naples. Credit: ANSA/CIRO FUSCO

More than 100 migrants in Naples are being suspended from their Temporary Reception Centres (CAS) for not having respected the centers‘ curfews. A juridical association now says the revocation is illegitimate.

The Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI) is denouncing that in recent days it has received numerous reports regarding the start of revocation procedures for more than 100 guests in Temporary Reception Centres (CAS) in Naples. The claim is that the migrants had not respected the "re-entry rule" that requires migrants to return by a certain time. The association said this rule violates the principle of free movement, and is therefore illegitimate. 

The "re-entry rule" 

In a statement, ASGI said the revocations are due to the violation of internal rules at the CAS that were developed by the Naples Prefecture, which include the so-called re-entry rule (8 pm in the winter and 9 pm in the summer). Revocation procedures were started against more than 100 guests at the CAS, following a check that took place at reception structures on August 13 at 10 pm. A few days later, the Prefecture sent notice of the start of revocation procedures, citing the violation of the re-entry rule. 

ASGI said that thus far, the Naples Prefecture has said the limitation was temporary, but the citation shows "the situation has changed broadly and (the Prefecture) is carrying out dubious rules that have no legal basis" with actions that it said "seem to show a precise political will of 'eviction' of the area" in which the centres are located. 

Rule violates free movement 

ASGI said the application of a tight rule demeans the dignity of the people being received, without any reason and with subsequent consequences. The "re-entry rule" appears "disproportionate and unmotivated, and it impedes reaching goals set by the EU and the Italian government in terms of reception". The association sent a letter to the Naples Prefecture in which it said the re-entry rule and the sanction of revocation of reception in the event of its violation are detrimental to the free movement of people, the reception directive, the Italian Constitution, and Italian laws.

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