The 2018 Mediterranean Caravel journalism prize ceremony | Credit: ANSA
The 2018 Mediterranean Caravel journalism prize ceremony | Credit: ANSA

ANSA news agency received one of two 2018 Mediterranean Caravel journalism prizes at the 10th Journalists of the Mediterranean Festival in Otranto for its newswire InfoMigrants, a multi-language service for migrants. The main Italian newswire service produces Infomigrants through ANSAmed, together with France Media Monde and Deutsche Welle.

ANSA Deputy Editor and InfoMigrants coordinator Stefano Polli received the award for InfoMigrants, while the other Caravel prize went to Paolo Messa, founder of Formiche magazine. 

InfoMigrants is published in four languages - English, French, Arabic and Pashtun - and aims to give accurate information to migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe. The newswire offers stories on political, economic, and cultural relationships between Europe and southern Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Stefano Polli receiving the award for InfoMigrants  Credit ANSA
Migrants and refugees are often unaware and without defenses in the face of the false information given to them by human traffickers. These smugglers lure thousands of people to undertake journeys without any preparation or knowledge, journeys filled with extreme hardships and inhumane abuses. 

The Journalists of the Mediterranean Festival is organized by the Terra del Mediterraneo Association, in partnership with the City of Otranto, the Region of Puglia, the University of Bari Aldo Moro, and the Consular Corps of Puglia, Basilicata and Molise. The winner for reporting was Alessio Lasta of channel La7 with "Dreaming France - The Snow Route of Migrants in the Alps".

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