Police headquarters in Genoa | Credit: ANSA/ LUCA ZENNARO
Police headquarters in Genoa | Credit: ANSA/ LUCA ZENNARO

A man from Ivory Coast was reportedly robbed and beaten by four youths who yelled racist insults at him on Tuesday evening in Genoa, Italy.

Four young men reportedly surrounded the victim - a 31-year-old immigrant from Ivory Coast with residence papers - and took the backpack he was carrying. The attackers allegedly immobilized the man and hit him in the back. They also reportedly yelled racist insults at the victim, including such things as: "Go back to your country. Go back to the fields. There are too many of you here."  

The attack happened near Piazza Dinegro and near the center of the city. The attackers were approximately between the ages of 20 and 25. 

The victim reported the crime to the police and an investigation is underway. 

This is the first known incident of the sort in the area and police are studying the surveillance camera footage from the area. 

Latest attack on foreigners 

If caught, the attackers may have to answer to charges of robbery with racial hatred as an aggravating circumstance. 

The incident may have been intended as an act of intimidation against foreigners, since many frequent the area. 

Many other acts of aggression have happened in Italy in recent months. Several such incidents happened in Sicily, Italy's most southern region. On August 15, six young men from Gambia were attacked and thrown stones at by a group of people in the Palermo province. 

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