Some of the Syrian refugees after arrival in Zagreb last week. Credit: IOM
Some of the Syrian refugees after arrival in Zagreb last week. Credit: IOM

The International Organisation for Migration assisted efforts to transfer 44 Syrian refugees from Turkey to Croatia last week, as part of a resettlement programme.

Forty-four Syrian refugees landed safely in Zagreb last week, after leaving Turkey as a part of Croatia's first ever resettlement programme, which was launched last year. 

IOM, the UN Migration Agency, said the refugees arrived on October 10 and 11 and represent the fourth group resettled with the assistance of the organization, which is supporting the Republic of Croatia's initiative to accept a total of 150 refugees from Turkey. 

149 migrants resettled 

To date, 149 refugees have been resettled with IOM's assistance under the pilot programme since November 2017. IOM said that prior to this week's arrivals, three groups of 105 refugees were resettled to Croatia. "The protection and humanitarian character of this pilot resettlement project continues to ensure the availability of a much needed safe and legal channel for the most vulnerable refugees," said Ivan Pitesa, project coordinator at IOM Croatia. 

Support activities 

The new arrivals included seven families: 28 adults, 15 children and one infant (17 males and 27 females). After being assisted by IOM at the airport, the new arrivals were taken to the Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in Kutina. IOM has supported the families and the government of the Republic of Croatia with pre-departure support in Turkey as well as with their travel arrangements. 

The organization's staff will continue to provide a Croatian language course and orientation on topics such as living and working in Croatia, building social networks, getting familiarized with the institutions and organizations, and rights and obligations in the areas of education, social welfare, housing, health and employment. IOM is coordinating all activities with the Ministry of the Interior and other stakeholders.

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