Migrants being repatriated board a plane in Lampedusa Credit: ANSA
Migrants being repatriated board a plane in Lampedusa Credit: ANSA

The Italian government has put out a tender worth 12 million euros for the implementation of projects for the assisted voluntary repatriations of 2,700 migrants.

A tender worth 12 million euros, half of which is covered by the EU, has been issued for projects for assisted voluntary repatriations. The projects will help undocumented foreign citizens in Italy - and those who have the right to stay but want to go back - return to their home countries. The projects will be funded through the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and will focus on facilitating the reintegration of the migrants into the workforce in their countries of origin. 

Projects for 2,700 migrants 

About 2,700 migrants will benefit from the projects, mostly citizens from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast, countries with which Italy does not have direct readmission agreements. 

The activities of the projects will start in February 2019 and will end on December 31, 2021. A statement noted that this is the second initiative of its kind since Matteo Salvini become interior minister, and follows the approval of a similar project in August with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the repatriation of 900 immigrants, funded with 6 million euros in resources made available by the European Commission. 

Quicker and less costly voluntary repatriation, Salvini 

''Repatriating immigrants through this system, on a voluntary basis, is quicker and less costly,'' Salvini said on the allocation of 12 million euros made available by the ministry for the assisted voluntary repatriation of foreign citizens currently in Italy without the permission to be here. 

''My main commitment continues to be to sign agreements with countries of origin to create incentives for forced repatriation,'' Salvini said. ''After years of Democratic Party (PD) governments, sending clandestine migrants back to their countries of origin is almost impossible. However, after almost eliminating the landing of boats carrying migrants on our shores, we are working on this and I am confident,'' he said. 

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