The poster for 'Le Radeau' | Credit: ANSA
The poster for 'Le Radeau' | Credit: ANSA

A stage initiative in Tunisia hopes to raise awareness about the risks of migration. Part of an IOM campaign, the travelling play 'Le Radeau' will tour four cities across the country until November 4.

The performances of "Le Radeau" ('The Raft') are part of an awareness raising campaign designed to address the risks and myths associated with undocumented migration over the coming months. Written by Cyrine Gannoun and Majdi Boumatar, the play takes a critical look at the dangers posed to migrants who wish to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

The initiative is coordinated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the El Hamra Theater in collaboration with the Tunisian Ministries for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Cultural Affairs.

The stage as a reflection of migration 

During the staging of 'Le Radeau,' the public gets to experience vicariously the adventures of eight characters who share a turning point in their lives: the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. Their raft becomes a place where all the hopes, illusions, tragedies and disillusionment of migrants seeking a better life come together. 

The UN agency said in a statement that the stage is used a metaphor to reflect on the many dimensions to migration, putting migrant voices at the center of focus away from the political and economic aspects usually debated in the media.

The initiative aims to promote safe and orderly migration while fostering a healthy debate on the issue. The entrance to the events is free, which the IOM hopes will enable the public to think about and discuss opportunities and challenges posed by migration.

The tour started on October 28 with the staging of "Le Radeau" at Le Rio cinema in the capital, Tunis. It continues in Medenine on November 1, Sfax on November 2 and Siliana on November 4.

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