The logo of Dossier Libia | Photo: Dossier Libia
The logo of Dossier Libia | Photo: Dossier Libia

Activists, journalists, and civil society organisations have launched a website that gathers news and reports of human rights violations in Libya.

The Italian campaign "LasciateCIEntrare" (Let Us In), together with the Melting Pot project, the Italian Association for Juridical Studies (ASGI), several journalists and civil society organisations, has launched a website titled Dossier Libia. The website aims to collect all relevant news and counter misinformation regarding the current situation in Libya. 

Tool for denunciation and pressure 

The website's organisers said on the site that Dossier Libia will be "a tool to denounce [wrongdoings by the authorities] but also to advocate [on behalf of migrants] and to put pressure" on the Italian government, the Council of Europe, the European Commissioner for Justice, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, and the UN.

"We will also publish new material, such as videos and recordings that come to us from the Libyan concentration camps through our network of activists," organisers said in a statement on the site. 

"Another aim of our project, related to the strategic litigation work begun by ASGI and many others at a national and international level, is to show the legal responsibility of the EU and its member states (in particular Italy) in forced rescue operations by the Libyan Coast Guard, in collaboration with, if not under the direction of, the Italian Navy or EU agencies," the website states. 

'Denounce inhuman policies'

"We have been watching helplessly for some time attempts by Italy and the European Union to 'seal' Europe's borders, promoting these actions as necessary in the fight against illegal immigration, but with the real goal of hindering, discouraging, blocking, or diminishing migratory flows headed to Europe," organizers stated. "Thanks to diversion programs for cooperation funds and economic agreements with governments that are democratic only in name (from the Turkey of Erdogan to the Libya of Al Serraj), we are witnessing a dramatic growth in the business tied to immigration and human trafficking," they said. "The abuse, rape, torture, and extortion of migrants imprisoned in Libyan concentration camps are by now fact documented by many international journalists and media outlets. Italy and Europe are staining themselves as true criminals against humanity. Each of us has the obligation and the right to denounce all of this, to point out those who are responsible for, those who are guilty of, and those who are ordering these inhumane policies". 

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