The logo of the Umanitalia initiative | Photo: In Migrazione
The logo of the Umanitalia initiative | Photo: In Migrazione

A crowdfunding project wants to help those affected by the new security and migration decree in Italy. The goal: To provide shelter and services for families who have been forced to leave state accommodation.

The In Migrazione cooperative is raising funds to help families forced out of the Italian migrant reception system after the Italian parliament passed the new security and migration decree championed by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

With their Umanitalia project, the cooperative aims to ensuring that these families have a place to stay. 

According to the organization, the donations will be given to associations and cooperatives that run ''virtuous'' quality reception centers across Italy, who host families granted humanitarian protection. 

Help to those abandoned 

Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous reports of vulnerable migrants being forced out of reception centers in Italy.

In Migrazione said that now that the controversial Salvini decree has become law, hundreds of families with small children and infants are being forced into the streets with no support. According to the organization, these are families that had been granted humanitarian protection because they fled war and violence.  

The goal of the Umanitalia project is to create "a positive community that wants to move from words to facts, practicing a peaceful civil disobedience by helping families who until recently had the right to reception and who now find themselves thrown into the streets," organizers said. 

Thousands of euros in donations

As of last week, the crowdfunding campaign had raised over 11,000 euros. 

In Migrazione said that this money would not just provide food and housing for families, but also basic services to enable them to seek employment and housing autonomy. Those services include Italian classes, psychological and social support, professional training courses, training internships for parents and educational assistance for children, healthcare assistance, recreational and sports activities for children and integration assistance.

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