A group of migrants at an Italian school. (Photo: Archive/ANSA/Orietta Scardino)
A group of migrants at an Italian school. (Photo: Archive/ANSA/Orietta Scardino)

The Italian government has approved 647,000 euros in funding for a language program for migrants in Sardinia.

The Italian Interior Ministry approved a project by the Region of Sardinia to provide language instruction to migrants. The Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (FAMI) initiative, called SardiniaL2, has been allocated 647,000 euros. Through the language-learning initiative, Sardinia will strengthen its regional system of governance of migrant integration, by leveraging Italy’s Provincial Centres for Adult Instruction (CPIA) educational system. The SardiniaL2 program’s aim is to facilitate migrant integration into the social and economic fabric of the regions that host them.

Language improvement is essential

"Improving language abilities is essential to migrants’ developing a proper relationship with the various services in the area," said regional councillor Filippo Spanu, whose portfolio includes migrant flows. "Knowing Italian also contributes to strengthening relations with the communities in which the migrants live. There is no true inclusion without a full mastery of Italian, which favors dialogue and interaction and facilitates integration,” he said.

“We are undertaking this project alongside the Provincial Center for Adult Instruction of the province of Cagliari and the regional educational office, which are both working in education for asylum seekers — many of whom are finding opportunities for human and cultural growth in their studies, as well as new opportunities to become part of the social fabric of their communities," Spanu continued.

Promoting adult instruction centres

The project will also promote the role of CPIAs by using the SardiniaL2 initiative to help standardize their activities and pedagogy, update the capacities of the instructors, and exchange best practices across regions. The Interior Ministry's notice, which Sardinia adhered to, was a 36-million-euro initiative aimed at autonomous regions and provinces.

"In order to avoid weighing down the regional budget, over the past two years the regional government has promoted and facilitated access to national and European financial instruments, such as FAMI, with the objective of promoting improved management of migration in connection with institutions, associations, and personnel working on the inclusion of asylum seekers and international protection holders in Sardinia," Spanu said.


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