Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau | Photo: Gaetana D'Amico
Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau | Photo: Gaetana D'Amico

Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau has said that the current migration policy of the European Union amounts to "suicide." She sees migrant crisis as a "political crisis of the EU and of democracy."

Colau, who has been mayor of Barcelona since 2015, said the situation "is weakening Europe." 

"Perhaps we should remember that the EU was founded after the Second World War, to not repeat the mistakes and horrors of that war, with fundamental respect for human rights," she told reporters at City Hall. "But now, the management of migrants is contradicting that."

She added that "Europe [...] receives fewer migrants [...] compared to other continents like Asia, and this isn't said enough."

"It is necessary to debunk the common view that considers migrants our competitors. In reality, they are an added value," the mayor said. 

Investments necessary to manage migrant flows 

Colau said resources must be invested to better manage migrant flows. "Migrant flows won't stop," she said. "When a woman with a baby decides to risk her life at sea, getting on a boat without any guarantee of arriving alive, it's because she has no alternatives."

As mayor of Barcelona, Colau has enforced comparatively pro-migrant policies. Last year, the city welcomed 60 migrants after Italy and Malta refused to let their migrant rescue boat dock. Colau defended her pro-migrant stance against critics, saying: "They've accused us of being do-gooders because we're in favor of reception, but we're just pragmatic. If the EU wants to survive to the future, it has to establish responsibilities." 


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