Bosnian police in Sarajevo. Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
Bosnian police in Sarajevo. Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR

Bosnian authorities have decided to tighten border control in the east of the country to halt migrant arrivals from Serbia and Montenegro, deploying more border police officers.

The Bosnian government has approved new measures to control the eastern border and prevent the arrival of migrants from Serbia and Montenegro, Premier Denis Zvizdic has announced. An additional 100 Bosnian-Serb police officers will be deployed at the border, along with 150 policemen dispatched by Hungary to help Bosnia, Zvizdic said. 

The officers will help their Bosnian counterparts control the border but will not be armed, the prime minister explained. Central authority to control centers Central authorities will also manage hosting centers in Bihac and Sarajevo, which will continue to be funded with the mediation of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). 

The UN agency obtains funding from the EU. The premier said that so far IOM has received 11 million euros to fund hosting centers while Bosnian authorities have been granted two million euros to train police officers and buy equipment to control the border.

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