The presentation of the results of the Puzzle project in Perugia. | Photo: ANSA
The presentation of the results of the Puzzle project in Perugia. | Photo: ANSA

ANCI is a national association for local authorities in Italy. Its Umbria branch has, over the past two years, implemented a project in the region entitled 'Puzzle'. The project's activities include the creation of a manual for the handling of procedures required for the reception of asylum seekers and one for Italian language instruction to migrants.

 A project which has been running for the last two years in the central Italian region of Umbria is coming to an end. The project was entitled 'Puzzle' and was a mix of different initiatives designed to facilitate the reception of those seeking international protection in the region. One part of the project centered around teaching the Italian language to migrants; other elements provided guidelines to encourage community action and activities designed to improve integration. 

The initative brought together several local associations, citizens and local businesses working in the innovation sector, in order to generate models of social inclusion. The whole project was funded by the European Migration and Integration Fund and was administered by the Perugia prefect's office. ANCI Umbria, the local health authority and the Umbrian Public Administration for schools spearheaded initiatives in a public-private partnership. 

To celebrate the end of the project, a seminar, an exhibition of photos and a film was presented in Perugia so that all those who took part could see some of the concrete results of their actions. One of the main results of the project was an operating manual to manage reception procedures for those going forward, a manual for teaching Italian to migrants and lots of different individual community inititatives.

Manual to help migrants 

The manual on the procedures for migrant reception tried to identify shared, homogeneous operating practices among the various actors involved, ensuring the right of access to services in the country to beneficiaries of initial reception projects. The manual also sought to protect the work of those employed in the sector in order to make sure that there was a unified response across all agencies. 

ANCI said in a statement that its new manual offered a wealth of shared didactic material which should help in the training and selection of Italian teachers in the future. The manual also seeks to improve language training by looking at an individual's basic needs and then working out which agencies can join together to meet those needs in the most efficient way possible. 


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