A police car near a highway. | PHOTO: Archive /ANSA
A police car near a highway. | PHOTO: Archive /ANSA

Italian police on Monday arrested a suspected migrant smuggler in the north-eastern city of Visco near Udine after a car chase that started in Slovenia.

The Italian police stopped the suspect who was driving a truck with 12 allegedly undocumented migrants on board. Officials said the suspect had attempted to run down a police officer at a check point. He also rammed into a number of cars and broke through a highway barrier while being chased by the police. 

Although the arrest was made in Italy, the car chase began in Slovenia and ended in a town called Visco, Italy. Once the truck was eventually stopped, the Italian police found there were 12 migrants on board. Police officers were able to stop the truck after a 60-km-long chase following a tip-off by Slovenian police. 

The Bangladeshi migrants were reportedly without documents. The truck crossed the border in Pesek and drove towards the A4 highway which runs from Trieste to Venice. During the case a number of cars were rammed but nobody was injured. The truck drove straight through a police check point at a toll booth and continued along the highway until it was finally blocked by a police car in Visco, near Udine. 

Italian officers are identifying the driver and the migrants, who are reportedly from Bangladesh and were traveling without regular documents. Police from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia cities of Duino, Udine and Gorizia and medical personnel said none of the migrants were seriously injured in the car chase.

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