Photo credit: Associazione Giustizia e Pace Onlus
Photo credit: Associazione Giustizia e Pace Onlus

The Justice and Peace organization in the Italian city of Fano is offering an online business course for immigrants in Italy. The course aims to promote integration by teaching basic knowledge about business administration and providing information for migrants about starting a company.

The online course offered by the non-profit organization Giustizia e Pace (Justice and Peace) is for EU and non-EU citizens as well as dual citizens. The course's objective is to promote integration by helping immigrants to start a business. 

Business administration for integration 

The Italian interior ministry said in a statement on its web site that the Giustizia e Pace association, which is affiliated to Catholic charity Caritas, has formed partnerships with organizations in Latvia and Lithuania. The initiative is part of a European project to promote business management courses for foreigners. The course in Italy is aimed at developing knowledge in business management among multicultural students. 

Giustizia e Pace said that the main objective of the program is to provide know-how that is useful in different contexts for migrants and refugees with different levels of education and from different backgrounds.

Support of a mentor 

Giustizia e Pace said each registered participant will receive a certificate after completing a course. Overall, eight courses have been developed, focusing on areas such as general business management principles and local legislation relevant to starting a business. A mentor will be available for those who have completed the course.

For information about applications call: (+39)-0-721 827 351 or write to

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