Two participants in the "A-f-Fidarsi" project | Photo: A-f-Fidarsi
Two participants in the "A-f-Fidarsi" project | Photo: A-f-Fidarsi

The municipal administration of Jesi, in central Italy, has organized an initiative which brings seniors and migrants together to share their experiences and get to know each other. The goal: to fight prejudices and to foster integration.

Five women at an old age home in Jesi, a small town near Ancona on the Adriatic Coast, are meeting young asylum seekers from Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria and Libya on a weekly basis.  

The project is called ''A-f-Fidarsi'', a play on the word trust ("fidarsi"). It is supported by the Siproimi project - the Italian protection system for refugees, formerly known as Sprar. The initiative, which vies to fight prejudice, is managed by the local administration. 

Sharing stories and recipes

Each week, the seniors and refugees talk about their personal experiences with the help of photos. They also cook together and exchange recipes. 

During the first meeting, the seniors recounted their experiences after WWII. They spoke about leaving their homes to look for a better life - experiences shared by the migrants.

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