Migrants at the border between Bosnia and Croatia | Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR
Migrants at the border between Bosnia and Croatia | Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR

A total of 9,081 migrants have irregularly entered Bosnia since the start of the year, according to news agency FENA.

The majority of migrants in Bosnia are from Pakistan (36.3 percent), Bangladesh (9.2 percent), Iraq (8.8 percent), Syria (8.7 percent), and Afghanistan (7.5 percent). 

The Bosnian Council of Ministers reportedly decided on Monday to deploy additional law enforcement as well as the army to help border police prevent border crossings.  The soldiers are supposed to physically block the various crossing points and to prevent watercraft and vehicles from entering the country.
Bosnian Prime Minister Denis Zvizdic said the Council of Ministers also decided to distribute migrants across the country, a move that Bosnian Serbs oppose. 

In Slovenia, 16 stopped at border with Croatia 

Meanwhile, migrants continue to attempt to cross borders of countries on the Balkan route without the proper visas. Over the weekend, Slovenian police reportedly stopped 16 migrants attempting to irregularly cross the border with Croatia. The migrants were mostly Pakistani, Bosnian, and Albanian citizens. 

In Sezana, a Slovenian town on the border with Italy, police stopped two freight cars that had departed from Serbia and were headed to Italy. Six migrants were found on board - three Afghanis and three Iraqis - hidden underneath a load of corn. The migrants were dehydrated and were immediately given medical treatment. 


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