Photo: The Terra Aperta logo
Photo: The Terra Aperta logo

The Terra Aperta ('Open Land') network has been set up in the Italian city of Pistoia to help migrant reception and as a response to a recent 'security decree' passed by the Italian government.

Terra Aperta, a network that aims to assist migrant reception in response to a recent 'security decree', has been created in Pistoia, a city north of Florence. The network aims to ''counter and curb the consequences of law 132 of 2018." Taking part in the network are associations, unions and cooperatives from the Pistoia province. 

City bodies to promote migrant reception 

The agreement signed calls for each participating body to make its skills and resources available to support the reception, integration and inclusion of every person. This goes from the extensive listening skills and help from Caritas centers to legal and healthcare assistance, the chance to attend Italian language courses, and job orientation. 

"This is a transversal and innovative idea and way of working, unique in the Italian panorama," said Claudio Curreli, head of the Pistoia AGESCI scouts associations unit. 

Actions to foster good practices 

The aim is also to ''promote actions that go beyond the migration issue,'' Curreli added, ''to foster widespread, shared good practices to counter social marginalization and exclusion in order to promote social wellbeing, rights, citizenship.'' 

''Caritas listening centers will be one of the main access doors to this system,'' said Francesca Meoni from the Pistoia Caritas, '' which expects to bring in different skills from associations, cooperatives, and unions in the Pistoia province. The attempt is to ensure that everyone has constant care, to not leave anyone on the streets.'' 

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