Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/CIRO FUSCO
Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA/CIRO FUSCO

The mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris is promoting a procession of boats to take place on Saturday to reinforce the concept that the Mediterranean is a welcoming place.

On Saturday, June 29, there will be a procession of civilians boats, kayaks, fishing boats in the waters of the Bay of Naples by representatives of NGOs and other associations. The goal is to demonstrate that the Mediterranean is a place of peace, integration, and welcoming, and not of death and segregation. The initiative is being sponsored by the City of Naples. 

'A highly symbolic demonstration' 

On Facebook, Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris said the demonstration will take place at no cost to the city government. "It's a highly symbolic demonstration to reaffirm the open and multicultural identity of our city," de Magistris said. 

He thanked the Naval League for its availability and technical support. "We will be there with the aim of supporting the battle of the mayors and Italian and European civil society against the policies that are promoting tens of thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean sea," de Magistris said. 

'Let's mobilize to express solidarity with Sea Watch' 

"Let's mobilize, many of us, also to once again affirm our solidarity with the shipwrecked people aboard the Sea Watch 3 who for more than 10 days have been at the edges of Italian territorial waters without being connected to a safe port, while our coasts continue to experience the landings of desperate people," de Magistris said. 

For the demonstration on Saturday, the departure point for boats from Naples, the Sorrento coast, and Castellammare will take place at 10:30 in the waters in front of the Molosiglio Gardens; for boats from Pozzuoli, Bacoli, and Nisida the appointment is at 11:30 in the waters in front of Rotonda Diaz.

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