migrants wait in line at the Slovenian border | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/ERWIN SCHERI
migrants wait in line at the Slovenian border | Photo: ARCHIVE/EPA/ERWIN SCHERI

The prime minister of Slovenia has announced that he will increase the presence of security forces at the border with Croatia, to implement more controls amidst the influx of migrants on the Balkan route.

Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Sarec has decided to increase the presence of police and soldiers along the Croatian border. "We never said that there was no problem with migrants," Sarec said during an inspection visit on Monday to the southern border in the town of Ilirska Bistrica. Sarec visited together with Interior Minister Bostjan Poklukar and police director-general Tatjan Bobnar. 

Security forces equipped with technical gear 

Sarec didn't specify the number of additional agents that will be sent to patrol the borders, but said security forces will be equipped with technical equipment such as drones. He said the possibility of reinforcing fences and physical barriers will be evaluated where necessary. A barbed wire fence stretches along some parts of the border between Slovenia and Croatia, but illegal crossings have doubled since the time of Poklukar's first visit and he said this is "unacceptable for us". 

Significant resources allocated to police 

A statement released by the government, in line with expectations over border protection, said the government has allocated significant financial resources to the Slovenian police and will continue to do so in the future. It said collaboration with the local community must move forward without political rhetoric taking over. Sarec's visit continued in the towns of Kostel and Črnomelj. 

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