Young migrants going to work | Photo: Programma Integra
Young migrants going to work | Photo: Programma Integra

Ten young migrants will be interning at nine companies in Rome thanks to a program aimed at promoting their integration in the labor market and society. The program, organized by cooperative Programma Integra, kicked off in August.

A total of nine companies in the Rome region have joined a program launched by cooperative Programma Integra in Italy that provides training and internships to migrants. Ten migrants were selected for the initiative, which seeks to help young migrants find a job by developing their skills.

The nine men and one woman taking part in the project are between 19 and 31 years old. They hail from Gambia, Guinea, Iran, Niger, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Nigeria, organizers said in a statement released last week.

Rome-based Programma Integra has been working since August with the selected participants, according to the statement. The social cooperative has been tutoring and coaching them ahead of a 6-month-long traineeship at one of the nine companies in the Rome region that have joined the program.

The cooperative also organized job interviews with companies, managed the administrative details and planned a training program tailored to each participant.

Hard-working participants

Throughout their internships, participants will be helped by two tutors, one from the company hiring the trainee, and one who has been selected among the project's organizers, Programma Integra said.

According to the cooperative, the ten selected young migrants were “working hard,” taking part in coaching activities and showed “great confidence in the project.”

This would help them access the labor market in the hope that they will pursue ''a useful path for their future in our country,” Programma Integra said.

The businesses in Rome providing internships to participants are:

 ●     Ente Bilaterale del Turismo Del Lazio

●     Ristorante Rosti

●     Cooperativa Sociale SIAMO

●     Officina Motolive

●     Bazar Taverna Curdo Meticcia

●     Associazione Maendeleo for Children

●     C.S.I. Cooperativa Servizi Italia

●     Cooperativa A.R.I.A.

●     Ristorante I Vitelloni

●     Hotel XX Settembre


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