The Lampedusa hotspot | Photo: ANSA
The Lampedusa hotspot | Photo: ANSA

An Italian parliamentary committee that monitors the Schengen system visited the island of Lampedusa. It found that the migrant hotspot on the island is on the verge of collapse. 

The Lampedusa hotspot is on the verge of collapse, according to a delegation from the Italian parliamentary committee monitoring Schengen regulations. The hotspot, delegation chief Eugenio Zoffili said, is in an emergency situation. 

"With a planned capacity of 94 places, Wednesday there were 320 people amid mattresses with no sheets, filth, rubbish and an area for minors that is no adequate," Zoffili, an MP from the League party, said, while speaking in the Senate. 

Flowers for victims of ship wreck 

Zoffili noted that the committee had laid a wreath of flowers down at Porta Europa in memory of the victims of shipwrecks. He also cited interior ministry data on migrant arrivals via boats in September: There were 2,498 arrivals, compared with 947 in September of last year. 

Minors in facilities 

Laura Ravetto from the Forza Italian party said that she had seen some minors in the facilities in Lampedusa. She said she had encountered "five including an infant and a child only a few years old." She said that she had been told that they are living in a separate area which, in a video shot by the committee, is shown to have a room that looks onto an area that is open on the side. 

According to Five Star Movement (M5S) MP and delegation member Francesca Galizia, the space is being used temporarily, since the area for women and children was burned down. 

Tunesia top country of origin

The top country of origin for the migrants in the hotspot is Tunesia. 

"This is unacceptable," Ravetto said. "Syrians are not arriving here. Thus, it is not enough to make bilateral agreements, they must be implemented."

The committee announced that on November 6, they will be on a mission to Calgliari, then Algeria, Tunisia and possibly Libya. 

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