An Egyptian worker at a Milan work site | Photo: ANSA/Daniel Dal Zennaro
An Egyptian worker at a Milan work site | Photo: ANSA/Daniel Dal Zennaro

The Italian government reports that almost 48,000 foreigners asked for a seasonal work permit so far this year. There are only 18,000 posts available.

Deputy Interior Minister Matteo Mauri presented new figures regarding migration during question time in the Italian parliament on Wednesday. He looked specifically at the number of work permits foreigners had been granted in 2019 so far. 

The deputy minister said that, in 2019, 30,850 permits are available for migrants who want to move to Italy for work purposes: 18,000 for seasonal workers and 12,850 longer term employees and freelancers.

Mauri argued that ''this demonstrated that legal paths to entrance are an essential element for migration management in the European Union; including as an incentive against irregular migration.''

Seasonal work

There were 18,000 places available for foreign seasonal workers this year -- but some 47,956 requests have been filed. Only 9,932 permissions have been granted so far. 

The largest number of requests came from India (22,354), followed by Morocco (9,833), and Albania (5,648). 

Non-seasonal work

There are 12,850 permits available for freelancers and employees. As of early November, some 9,194 requests have been filed and 8,000 permissions have been granted. 

The largest number came from India (3,147), followed by Albania, Morocco, Egypt, China, Tunisia, Iran, Macedonia, Russia, and Brazil. 

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