A member of German parliament believes that too many male refugees are entering Germany, and has suggested in a position paper on Thursday that Germany take measures to limit male refugees in favor of females. His remarks have drawn strong criticism.

The politician, Kai Wegner, represents the Spandau district in the German capital Berlin and is a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party . He believes that taking in too many male refugees could disturb the balance of society.

"A surplus of men can bring a society out of balance", he wrote. "When the gender ratio stirs out of balance, that endangers peaceful coexistence."  He also added that a "large number of single men can lead to aggressiveness and frustration."

Wegner wants to assess the number of men versus the number of female asylum seekers entering Germany  monthly, beginning in 2018. If the number of men continues to be greater than the number of women, he proposes single men at the border to be turned away and only letting in women, children and married couples. Once there is a balance achieved between the number of men versus women entering, the border will be open again for both sexes, he suggests.

He claims that the main goal of this is to protect women and children asylum seekers.


The "Neues Deutschland" newspaper was especially critical of the idea and noted that "Wegner should look at his own party in the Bundestag, 74.4 percent men to 25.6 women" wrote Elsa Koester in a commentary for the paper. Berlin Senator and member of the Green party Dirk Behrendt also made the same argument: "How is the female quota at the CDU?" he asked.

An asylum rights expert told German newspaper "Die Zeit" that the measure is unconstitutional. Burkhard Lischka, a member of the SPD party, told the same newspaper that Wegner's suggestion is "complete nonsense"  and that "the right to asylum and applies to everyone seeking protection, whether it is a child, woman or man."


Author: Wesley Dockery (with dpa)




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