Migrants working at the production of wine by 'Agricoltura Capodarco' | Photo: Agricoltura Capodarco
Migrants working at the production of wine by 'Agricoltura Capodarco' | Photo: Agricoltura Capodarco

With the help of migrant and disabled workers, the Italian association 'Agricoltura Capodarco' produces the wine Xenia, which means ''hospitality'' in ancient Greek. The goal is to fight a ''climate of hatred'' that is gaining ground in Italy, producers said during the presentation of the beverage.

Xenia -- ''hospitality'' in ancient Greek -- is the name of the wine produced by the social cooperative 'Agricoltura Capodarco' with the help of migrant and disabled workers. Organizers presented the beverage on November 21, the 40th anniversary Agricoltura Capodarco. 

The wine was presented as a symbolic product against a "climate of hatred that can be increasingly felt in Italy," organizers said.

Wine as a symbol of integration 

Ilaria Signoriello, a member of the social cooperative, said the name Xenia was chosen by all participants. ''We selected a strong name that represents the historic values of Capodarco, which need to be reaffirmed today -- integration and hospitality." 

Xenia is a product that exemplifies the ''employment integration of migrant and disabled'' workers with the support of a group of experts, Signoriello said. The wine's label, which was designed in collaboration with the European Institute of Design in Rome, portrays a pair of intertwined hands of different color. 

Product dedicated to integration 

Producers said the wine is dedicated to ''all those who have the strength and courage to be hospitable'' and who are open ''to foreigners, to the needy." 

Moreover, the wine project vies to fight ''injustice and inequality'' and caters to ''dreamers who believe in acting to make our communities happy."

Pietro Bartolo, known as the "doctor of migrants" for his work on the island of Lampedusa, who was elected to the European Parliament in May, sent a video message of congratulations to the wine's producers. "Projects like yours are a source of hope to build a more inclusive and fairer society in which nobody is left behind," he said in the message. "Your service reminds us that we are a community when we stand with those who need a hand."

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