L?area dell?ex aeroporto di Atene Elliniko
L?area dell?ex aeroporto di Atene Elliniko

The European Court of Justice says refugees need not be granted humanitarian visas from embassies of European countries. Hungary has approved the automatic detention of all asylum seekers living in containers and the US government is planning more changes in its immigration laws. Read more in today's roundup.

Hungary approves detention of all asylum seekers: Hungary's parliament on Tuesday approved the automatic detention of all asylum-seekers in container camps at the country's southern borders, brushing off concerns from rights groups. Click here to read more.

European Court of Justice rules against 'humanitarian' visas for refugees: The European Court of Justice has ruled that refugees do not have to be granted humanitarian visas to the EU. The ECJ had called for EU states to provide the papers if people were in certain danger of being tortured. Click here to read more.

US mulls plan to separate immigrant children from parents on Mexican border: The US is considering splitting children up from parents who are caught trying to enter the country illegally. Tens of thousands of families from Central America have been detained at the Mexican border in recent years. Click here to read more.

 Iraqi military seizes Mosul government complex from IS: Iraqi elite forces have continued to gain ground against "Islamic State" (IS) militants in the west of Mosul, retaking a government complex. IS also suffered losses to Syrian alliance forces in Raqqa. Click here to read more.

German court rejects injunction against Facebook over Syrian refugee selfie: Facebook does not have to actively seek and delete defamatory posts linked to Anas Modamani, a court has ruled. The Syrian filed a case after his selfie with Angela Merkel was manipulated to link him to Islamist attacks. Click here to read more.


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