A NAS Carabinieri police operation | Photo: ANSA
A NAS Carabinieri police operation | Photo: ANSA

Italian authorities have taken over a migrant hosting center in Naples because of overcrowding and poor sanitary conditions.

NAS Carabinieri health police seized a migrant hosting center in the area of Mugnano in Naples, Italy, on January 27. The company running the center stands accused of hosting 21 additional migrants compared to its maximum capacity. Carabinieri police also said that the sanitary conditions and security at the center were poor. 

Overcrowding at migrant center 

Investigators said the temporary hosting center (CAT) was not designed to host 98 people, as originally indicated by the company. A consultant for the State attorney's office in Naples said the facility could accommodate up to 64 people. Police found 85 migrants staying at the facility during their operation, investigative sources said. 

Poor security and sanitary conditions

Authorities also said that security rules were violated at the center and that the sanitary conditions were poor. The company managing the center had repeatedly ignored warnings over the past few months that it needed to correct the situation before the facility was seized, officials said. 

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