The painting "Noah's Ark" by Zehra Dogan | Photo: Zehra Dogan
The painting "Noah's Ark" by Zehra Dogan | Photo: Zehra Dogan

Artist und activist Zehra Doan is auctioning of one of her artworks to help fund the migrant rescue missions of NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans.

Italian NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans carries out search-and-rescue missions in the central Mediterranean. To help fund their work, Zehra Doan is selling one of her works of art, a painting called Noah's Ark that she created in July 2019. It will be sold online, on the platform CharityStars, in an auction that lasts until March 23. All proceeds will go to Mediterranea Saving Humans to fund its next mission.

The painting was signed by the artist, who wrote ''for Mediterranea, my gift'' in Kurdish (Jibo Mediterranea, miniera di diyariya) on the back.

Zehra Dogan is a prominent Kurdish artist, journalist, author and activist from Amed, Turkey. The plight of refugees is one of the issues Dogan focuses on in her work.

In 2017, she was sentenced more than two years in prison for "terrorist propaganda," after she painted the clashes between Turkish security forces and Kurdish insurgents in the town of Nusaybin in southeastern Turkey. In 2018, well-known street artist Banksy created a mural of Doan behind bars in New York to express his support for her. She was released from prison in February 2019 after serving her sentence.

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