A doctor treating a migrant | Photo: Intersos
A doctor treating a migrant | Photo: Intersos

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus among migrant farmworkers, an NGO has launched an initiative in the Foggia region in southern Italy. Meanwhile, a medical aid organization has also extended its efforts help homeless people and migrant farmworkers.

For migrants who live in eight settlements in province of Foggia in southcentral Italy, the aid organisation Intersos has started an initiative to help them avoid getting infected with Covid-19.

"This population must be protected seriously for the medical-health deficiencies it faces, for the emergency housing situations in which it lives, for the dramatic working conditions, and for the chronic difficulties in accessing the health system," said Alessandro Verona, referring physician for the migration unit of Intersos.

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus

"Through primary and early health and preventive action in settlements, we intend to communicate correct behavior and guarantee indispensable medical protection, ensuring everyone's safety," he said.

Intersos asked the Region of Puglia and the local Foggia ASL health department to urgently increase access to water and medical-health services in all the eight settlements, including the smallest ones. These services are considered essential for making the prevention campaign effective.

Help for homeless and migrants in shantytowns

Meanwhile, to contribute to coronavirus containment strategies, the organisation Doctors for Human Rights (MEDU) has decided to provide aid to the thousands of people who live in precarious settlements in the centre and outskirts of Rome, Florence, and Pistoia, and in the Gioia Tauro plain in Calabria, southern Italy, where there are settlements of migrant farmworkers.

of telephone medical triage for homeless people and migrant farmworkers in precarious settlements.
Meanwhile, the organisation Doctors for Human Rights (MEDU) has started an operation for migrant farmworkers in the Gioia Tauro plain in Calabria, southern Italy. MEDU providing telephone medical triage and psychological support. MEDU mobile clinics have been operating for years in all of these places, where people often encounter serious difficulties in accessing general practitioners.


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