Migrants disembarking on Lampedusa | Photo: Guardia Di Finanza
Migrants disembarking on Lampedusa | Photo: Guardia Di Finanza

34 migrants disembarked at the port of Lampedusa on Monday afternoon. Among them were 11 women, two of them pregnant. Before that, the island hadn't seen any migrant arrivals in three weeks. The migrants were transferred to the island's hotspot and will be placed under quarantine.

Thirty-four migrants, likely of Tunisian origin, arrived at the port of the Lampedusa aboard a small boat on Monday afternoon. It was the first registered landing on the Italian island in three weeks.

Quarantine and health monitoring

The local authorities immediately took the migrants to the local hotspot, where they will be quarantined. The mayor said that these measures were taken to ensure that no on was infected with the novel coronavirus.

"I immediately signed a mayoral ordinance requiring all those who disembarked to be directly transferred from Favaloro dock - where they were assisted by personnel equipped with individual protective gear as required under the coronavirus measures - to the reception center, where they will remain in quarantine without being able to leave the structure," said Lampedusa Mayor Totò Martello. "A service will be active to check and ensure that no one leaves the center, and constant health monitoring will take place."

He added: "Given the coronavirus emergency, the decision to place the people who disembarked on the island under quarantine is necessary to protect public health and the health of the migrants themselves. None of them will come into contact with the local population."

No migrant arrivals since March 14

Prior to this arrival, the last arrival of migrants on the Sicilian island had been on March 14, when 43 foreigners reached the coast. Dozens of migrants had also arrived in the days leading up to March 14, but after that date, arrivals to the island ceased.

Monday's landing was also the first migrant arrival in Italy since March 27. On that date, 44 foreigners had disembarked on the coast in the region of Puglia.

The Italian interior ministry recently released new data, showing that there were fewer landings in March 2020 than in previous years. There were 241 disembarkations this March. In March 2019, there were 262, and in March 2018, 1,049.


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