The United States has banned large electronic devices in the cabins on some planes flying to the US  from the Middle East and Africa, triggering concerns that President Donald Trump could be targeting Muslim countries. A new UN report says millions of people around the world have been excluded from development and Italy reports over 23,000 refugees arriving this year. Read more in today's summary.

US bans large electronics on some flights from Middle East, Africa: US officials are placing restrictions on passengers' carry-on items for some flights from the Middle East and North Africa. Items larger than a mobile phone would be banned due to unspecified security concerns. Click here to read more.

UN report: Millions 'excluded from human development journey': Despite huge strides in human development across the globe, many groups have been left behind, according to the UN's 2016 Human Development Report. DW speaks to lead author Selim Jahan about the biggest challenges. Click here to read more.

Survey: European youth give thumbs up to the EU but dissent on immigration: From Germany to Poland, youth attitudes toward immigration and refugees differ starkly, a survey by Germany's Bertelsmann Foundation has found. But regardless of west or east, EU youth back the bloc. Click here to read more.

Over 23,000 refugee arrivals in Italy in 2017: 23,000 migrants have already arrived in Italy in 2017 until now, an increase of approximately 40 percent compared to the same period in 2016, during which a record 181,000 arrivals were registered. Click here to read more.

EU states, Libya vow action on people smuggling: Top diplomats from the EU and North Africa have called for a joint effort to rein in the migrant influx to Europe. The Libyan government reportedly asked for helicopters and boats to patrol its coastline. Click here to read more.

What you need to know about the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea: Over the weekend, the Italian coastguard rescued around 3,000 migrants off the coast of Libya. Here’s a summary of the latest data on refugees and how the crisis is shaping up in the Mediterranean. Click here to read more.

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