The application process for the regularization of domestic workers and caregivers at the labor chamber in Brescia | Photo: ANSA/FILIPPO VENEZIA
The application process for the regularization of domestic workers and caregivers at the labor chamber in Brescia | Photo: ANSA/FILIPPO VENEZIA

The CGIL labor union in Monza on May 26 launched a call center for workers and employees on the regularization of foreigners promoted by the Italian government. Over 200 phone consultations were carried out in less than two days, the labor union said.

 A call center was launched on May 26 by the CGIL labor union in Monza and Brianza and in two days, it has carried out more than 200 phone consultations and organized 75 appointments, the union said. 

The call center is dedicated to all the workers and employees affected by the regularization of undocumented foreign workers promoted by the Italian government as part of the 'Regularization 2020' measure. 

The phone number 039.2731282 is active from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am until midday and from 2:30 until 5:30 pm. 

Hundreds of consultations 

"In less than two days we have already carried out over 200 phone consultations and scheduled 75 appointments for assistance," said Luca Mandreoli, the CGIL official in Monza in charge of immigration and social policies. 

''We are waiting for some procedural aspects to be clarified but we have already provided a first consultation based on the indications of the Relaunch Decree'' approved earlier this month by the government to boost the economy affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Callers were not only foreign nationals but also employees, mostly Italians, who wanted to know how to regularize domestic workers and caregivers, said Madreoli. 

Inversion of trend with regularization 

"The substantial freeze on arrivals for long-term jobs, the progressive deterioration of legislation on immigration and asylum that culminated over the last few years in the so-called 'security decrees' (2018 and 2019) have produced a gradual restriction of the rights of immigrant workers and an increase of those who don't have a regular stay permit and who are therefore forced to work in situations of irregularity and of deprivation of any type of employment and social protection," the union stressed.

Matteo Casiraghi, a member of the confederal organization of CGIL in Monza and Brianza said the Relaunch Decree approved by the government to restart the economy has responded to "the many requests of intervention raised by unions over the years and also by secular associations and charities." 

He said one of the charities was the Rete Brianza Accogliente Solidale, a network of associations active in the area. "We are dealing with an inversion of trends compared to the recent evolution of legislation'', noted Casiraghi, adding however that the measure in the decree that provides for the regularization of farmworkers, domestic workers and caregivers "does not take into account other sectors like restoration, logistics and construction."

"It is a matter of civility. We are talking about thousands of people who are already working in our territory and, in many cases, in homes to take care of our most vulnerable'' family members, concluded the CGIL official. 

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