A policeman shows fake identity documents seized in Naples | Photo: ANSA/ARCHIVE/CESARE ABBATE
A policeman shows fake identity documents seized in Naples | Photo: ANSA/ARCHIVE/CESARE ABBATE

Italian authorities say they have dismantled an organization that illegally regularized migrants in the area of Naples by falsifying documents.

Carabinieri police in Marano di Napoli on June 15 said they have dismantled a criminal organization providing fake documents to migrants. Among members of the organization were foreigners and Italians, including a public employee.

Investigators coordinated by prosecutors in Naples said migrants were given fake documents through a process of illicit authorizations discovered by authorities. 

Italians and foreigners involved 

A 33-year-old Albanian national was placed under house arrest at the request of a preliminary investigations judge (GIP), investigative sources said. 

A 56-year-old Tunisian was ordered not to reside in the provinces of Naples or Caserta while a 63-year-old municipal employee in Marano was temporarily suspended from his job. The man worked at the registry office.Many Italian and foreign suspects were formally placed under investigation, investigative sources said. 

Carabinieri police also seized 123 illegal documents including 99 ID papers and 24 stay permits. 

Illegal system 

The registry office in Marano where migrants applied for an identity card was at the center of the fraud, investigators said. Before going to the municipality, migrants needed to pay 80 euros to the Albanian suspect in exchange for false declarations by Italian residents who claimed that they were hosting the migrants, according to investigative sources. 

The applicants then went to the municipality where the suspect who worked at the registry office registered their request and then provided an identity paper listing a fake residence, according to investigators. 

Migrants were in this way able to obtain a stay permit or renew an old one by including in the application presented to the immigration office the declaration of residence validated by the municipality of Marano, investigators said.

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