France has started a program to take in 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees over the next 18 months.  Filipinos in the US are tense as they may face deportation after President Donald Trump announced he would tighten immigration laws and an inquiry shows German police could have prevented the mass sexual assaults and robberies in Cologne on New Year's Eve in December 2015.  Read more  all this and more in today's roundup.

France opens its first humanitarian corridors to Middle Eastern refugees: The French government launched a program in March to open its first humanitarian corridor to Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Five Christian charity organizations signed an agreement to transfer 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to France over the next 18 months in cooperation with the French government.  Click here to read more.

Illegal Filipino migrants in the US anxious as deportation looms: Facing deportation, hundreds of thousands of undocumented Filipino immigrants in the United States are caught between Donald Trump's rhetoric and Rodrigo Duterte's indifference. Ana P. Santos reports from Manila. Click here to read more.

Parliamentary report: Police could have prevented Cologne New Year's Eve attacks: A state parliamentary inquiry has found police did not intervene fast enough in the 2015 New Year's Eve attacks. According to the report, officers could have prevented hundreds of alleged robberies and sexual assaults. Click here to read more.

Attacks on Africans expose India's racist inclinations: The recent attacks on Africans have raised concerns about the safety of foreigners in India and an alarming trend of hate crimes and racism in the country. What does it mean for India's pluralistic ethos? Click here to read more.

An Eritrean refugee describes her horrific experience: A 19-year-old Eritrean refugee bears the signs of violence she suffered as she fled from her country to Europe through Libya. She is now pregnant as a result of rape. Click here to read more.

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