Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/D.Karmann
Photo: Picture-alliance/dpa/D.Karmann

Around 1.83 million people who sought protection on international, humanitarian or political grounds were registed in Germany in 2019, only slightly more than in the previous year. The majority came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Roughly 1.83 million people seeking protection were registered in Germany last year, the Federal Office of Statistics said Thursday. 

Compared with 2018 the total number rose by 3%, or 55,000 people, reflecting the smallest yearly increase since 2012, according to the statistics office.

The figures refer to people seeking protection on international, humanitarian or political grounds. They include asylum seekers with ongoing procedures, people with refugee status or another form of protection, and rejected asylum seekers who are still in Germany.

Fewer pending procedures

The number of cases in which an asylum decision was still pending fell by 13% on the previous year to 266,000 cases. The statistics office attributes the decrease to an easing in the backlog of cases, as well as to the fact that asylum applications in Germany have decreased overall.

Recognized protection

1.36 million people in Germany were granted some form of protection status by the end of 2019, 6% more than in 2018. The main countries of origin were Syria (41%), Afghanistan (11%) and Iraq (10%). For the majority – or 80% – the status is granted for a limited time.

Failed asylum seekers

In 213,000 cases the request for protection was declined. This refers to people whose asylum applications were denied or who lost their protection status. The number increased by 10% compared with 2018. In most cases (84%), the migration authorities issued a "Duldung" – a temporary suspension of deportation.

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