A photo of Mamady Dabakh Mankara, victim of a racist attack in Italy | Source: Facebook
A photo of Mamady Dabakh Mankara, victim of a racist attack in Italy | Source: Facebook

A man was insulted and beaten on a beach in front of others by two individuals in the Tuscany region of central Italy in an apparent racist attack.

The incident occurred in the Tuscany region of central Italy in Castiglione della Pescaia, a very popular area of the Maremma zone. 

The victim was Mamady Dabakh Mankara, a 25-year-old Senegalese man who had been living in Italy for four years and employed in a Grosseto cooperative that works with disabled youth for over a year. 

The young man had just laid his beach towel under a gazebo when an Albanian national nearby told him to leave and used racist epithets against him. Then the attacker, helped by a fellow Albanian, started beating up Mankara. 

Punched because of his skin color 

The 25-year-old Senegalese man was punched twice and has had to take time off work to heal from the injuries sustained. Mankara then spoke to his lawyer, Michele Ugolini, and the two reconstructed what happened and filed a complaint against the attackers with the police. Witness statements from two Senegalese nationals that Mankara met in Castiglione della Pescaia and were there when the incident happened will be key to prosecution. 

''One Saturday,'' the 25-year-old said, ''we arrived on the beach and we laid down the towels under a gazebo that the municipality makes available to everyone. Nearby were two men that began to threaten me and tell me to leave. And they hit me.'' 

The carabinieri arrived at the scene and took the IDs of the attackers. ''Then they wanted to 'make peace' with me and invited me to lunch,'' he added. ''That was what offended me the most.'' 

Incident raises concern 

Mankara filed a complaint and Fondazione Il Sole, the social cooperative where he works, could act as plaintiff in a trial. 

Meanwhile, the carabinieri have opened an investigation into the incident. "This is an incident of concern," said Massimiliano Frascino, head of the Il Sole association, "since the idea of an 'enemy' in racist terms is taking hold at all levels. In this case, there are two Albanians that feel legitimised to use dangerous slogans and stratify racism in a 'pyramid of hate' between migrants.'" 

Grosseto mayor Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna said that ''violence is the weapon of ignorance. An unjustifiable act of violence has occurred. It is unacceptable that such brutal acts happen again on our territory. My solidarity goes out to Mamady and I promise to fight against injustice and violence.''


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