World leaders are divided by US President Trump's decision to launch airstrikes on a Syrian airforce base. A report by the US-based Enough Project  claims that the EU is helping fund a militia in Sudan to keep migrants from going to Europe, and Syrian migrants in Egypt have decided to stay there rather than make the journey to the West. All this and more in today's roundup.

US polarizes world with attack on Syrian regime: From Russia to Israel, the US missile strikes on a Syrian airbase have divided the international community. But the fallout is likely to spill over Syria's borders as alliances supporting and opposing Assad consolidate. Click here to read more.

 'Border Control from Hell' report targets EU funding in Sudan: According to a new report published by the US-based Enough Project, Sudan’s infamous Janjaweed militia force is now being used to control Sudan's borders, with financial support from an EU migration management program. Click here to read more.

Syrian refugees choose Egypt over the West: The devastating war and the dream of a better life in the West made many people leave Syria. However, more and more Syrians are now choosing to settle in Egypt and live a little less affluent life, but in the culture that is close to theirs. Click here to read more.

Croatia to introduce tighter border controls: Croatia, which is part of the EU but not the Schengen zone, will from Friday be complying with the new EU rules on stiffer, detailed border controls along Europe’s internal and external borders. Click here to read more.



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