Trieste border police | Photo: ANSA
Trieste border police | Photo: ANSA

Italian authorities arrested the four trafficking suspects in three operations at the border with Slovenia last week. The suspects were reportedly transporting irregular migrants into Italy in vans and cars. Police charged them with facilitating illegal immigration.

Carabinieri police in Trieste arrested four suspects accused of facilitating illegal immigration, after they were found travelling in vehicles with irregular migrants, between September 3 and 5.

The first arrest took place during patrol activities near a border crossing between the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia on September 3. The driver of a van didn't stop when he was ordered to do so. A unit of Army soldiers briefly chased and then stopped the van. Officials found five citizens from Sri Lanka in the van, they reportedly did not have Italian visas. The driver, a 42-year-old Ukrainian man, was arrested, and the vehicle was impounded.

Another alleged human trafficker, a 26-year-old Kosovar, was intercepted near the border crossing at Prebenico, travelling with four Turkish citizens, who also did not have visas for Italy, on September 4. The driver was taken to jail, while the migrants were identified and sent back to Slovenia.

Carbinieri police from San Dorligo della Valle arrested two suspected human traffickers, aged 29 and 40, both Turkish, on September. They were travelling in a car with French license plates and were transporting undocumented Kurdish migrants into Italy. The two suspects were brought to jail. The migrants were identified and booked for being in Italy illegally, and then turned over to a migrant reception facility to carry out a period of quarantine.

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