The UN says African migrants are being sold as slaves in Libya. 20 million people risk starvation in Africa due to famine, and elderly refugees face challenges in languages courses in Germany. All this and more in today's roundup.

UN agency says migrants sold as slaves in Libya: African migrants heading toward Europe are being sold as slaves in Libya, the UN migration agency claimed Tuesday in Geneva. Criminal gangs are exploiting sub-Saharan migrants for cash amidst the lawlessness of Libya’s civil war. Check out our report here.

UN: Risk of mass starvation rising rapidly in parts of east Africa, Nigeria and Yemen: An additional one million people are on the brink of famine in South Sudan, the UN says, as 20 million people risk starvation in countries hit by poor harvests and conflict. Aid pledges are well below targets. Click here to read more.

Elderly refugees face challenges in German language courses: Refugees in Germany have to attend obligatory German language courses in order to integrate. Learning a foreign language can be challenging for older asylum seekers, who may face difficult health or social circumstances. Click here to read more.

Microbusinesses in Ethiopia limit mass migration: The Catholic Liaison Committee for a Civilization of Love (CLCCL) in Rome is implementing a microbusiness project for Ethiopian villages to support local farming there and to limit mass migration. The organisation is working with Italian companies and the project is funded by the EU. Click here to read more.




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