Refugees in the Kakuma camp in Kenya are struggling to get food and water. The Italian coast guard alongside NGOs managed to save 3,000 migrants in the  Mediterranean this weekend and InfoMigrants gives you a look into the world's biggest refugee camps. All this and more in today's roundup  

On the Kenya-Sudan border, refugees and locals vie for limited resources: Kakuma was once a sleepy, remote region of Kenya. Now it is home to the country’s second-largest refugee camp. There appears to be no end in sight to the stream of people escaping war-torn South Sudan. Click here to read more.

Thousands of migrants saved from Mediterranean Sea for second day:The Italian coast guard and assisting NGOs have saved thousands of migrants from the Mediterranean over Easter weekend. Rescue missions are ongoing. Click here to read more.

A look at the world's  largest refugee camps:  In 2017, multiple conflicts around the world have driven people to take shelter in refugee camps. What are the biggest and most prominent refugee camps, and what are the conditions like? Click here to read more.

Psychologists sound alarm on migrant children: Psychological support for underage migrants was at the center of a congress organized at the European Parliament’s information office in Milan. The event was attended by European lawmakers, psychologists and representatives of organizations including Save the Children and Unicef. Click here to read more.



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