Foreign workers harvest tomatoes in the fields of Foggiano | Photo: ANSA/FRANCO CAUTILLO
Foreign workers harvest tomatoes in the fields of Foggiano | Photo: ANSA/FRANCO CAUTILLO

The Region of Puglia in southern Italy announced it will provide an additional €500,000 to ensure drinking water is supplied to informal migrant farm worker settlements in the region.

The Region of Puglia (southern Italy) has committed to allocating an additional €500,000 to provide drinking water at informal migrant farm worker settlements through 20 April 2021.

The initiative is part of the "" project by the UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Italy. One of the aims of this project is to improve working conditions for migrants working on farms in Puglia.

Ensuring a basic need

Drinking water requested by the Region of Puglia will continue to be supplied by the company Acquedotto Pugliese SpA. That's according to the Italian interior ministry's website "Migrant Integration". The stated objective, according to the ministry, is to ensure "the uninterrupted availability of a basic need", that of drinking water.

The announced financial commitment comes from an evaluation of estimated costs and costs already incurred. It was found that "additional funds to cover estimated costs" were needed.

The sum takes into account market costs to supply drinking water, transport costs of water tankers to the settlements, as well as any other conceivable or connected expense (septic trucks, pick up and delivery of purification unit, disposal).

Settlements involved

The new funding will reportedly ensure the provision of drinking water to the following sites: "Nuovo Ghetto", "Casa Sankara", "Palmoli/Cicer.", "Fortore", "Tre Titoli", "Ex C.A.R.A.", "Palmoli Nuovo", "Cicerone Nuovo", "S. Matteo", "Poggio Imperiale", "Pozzo Terraneo" and "Madonna di Ripalta".

It will provide septic trucks to the following sites: "Arena", "Fortore" and "Torretta Antonacci", as well as to other sites that may need them over time, until the total amount of €500,000 is reached. The new amount is in addition to the €855,166.73 already invoiced for the same service.


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