Spanish police officer and a police van | Photo: Reuters
Spanish police officer and a police van | Photo: Reuters

More than 20 migrants were found hidden in a sweat shop in Spain. According to reports from the Reuters news agency – citing police reports – the migrants were forced to work in unhygienic conditions for two euros per hour. Three people have been arrested.

The 21 migrants were hiding behind large bundles of clothes at the factory in Murcia in southeastern Spain, as seen in police footage. The factory reportedly produced clothes to sell to African countries.

The migrants are estimated to have earned less than half the minimum wage in Spain, which is set monthly at €1,050.

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Arrests at a presumed family business

Three arrests were made in connection with the case. While their identities were not shared, police said that those arrested were a father and his two sons.

"The three detainees exploited the vulnerability of the migrants to submit them to tough labor conditions, among them wages of two euros per hour and a total absence of security or hygienic conditions," a police statement said.

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