An Italian police car at the border with Slovenia | Photo: ANSA/Cristiana Missori
An Italian police car at the border with Slovenia | Photo: ANSA/Cristiana Missori

Police on the border between northern Italy and Slovenia will start using cameras that automatically detect movement to monitor irregular crossings. Most of those crossing the border are from Pakistan and Afghanistan, police say.

Authorities in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, which borders Slovenia, this week approved changes making it easier for police to detect irregular migration in the area.

"Once again the regional administration has shown it is attentive to the demands of our local and border police, working in controlling the borders to fight immigration along the Balkan route," said Pierpaolo Roberti, regional councillor for security and migration policy.

"With public resources made available for the coming year, it will be possible to equip police forces with automatic cameras that will assist in security operations in the territory," he added.

The amendment allows the regional administration to purchase "cameras with automatic-activation sensors in order to equip, on request, local police forces, prefectures, and border police stations in the region with adequate technological support."

A total of 50,000 euros was allocated for 2021 to fund the initiative. Applications must be submitted to the local police, security, and immigration policy service of the respective central operations centers.

Trieste police tracked 4,400 migrants in 2020

In 2020, more than 4,400 irregular migrants were tracked by police, particularly police working at the border with Slovenia, in collaboration with the Italian Army, according to the annual report by the Trieste police department released Monday.

The majority of the migrants were Pakistani and Afghan, with others from Iraq, Syria, and Bangladesh. In addition, around 900 people requested international protection directly at the police station.

The report said the phenomenon of unaccompanied foreign minors is "significant". About 200 unaccompanied minors, mainly from Kosovo, presented themselves at police stations.

A total of 74 irregular foreigners were expelled in 2020 and 11 EU citizens were removed. A total of 6,400 stay permits were issued.


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