Archive: African farmhands on a bus in Rosarno, Calabria | Photo: TONY VECE/ANSA
Archive: African farmhands on a bus in Rosarno, Calabria | Photo: TONY VECE/ANSA

The farmhands' union Ubs in Calabria has denounced yet another road accident involving a migrant worker. The Union stressed that that the security of foreign workers is not safeguarded.

The Ubs farmhands' union in the southern Italian region of Calabria on January 5 denounced the umpteenth road accident involving a foreign worker who was walking back from the fields to the tent camp where he lives.

"While workers at the tent camp of San Ferdinando are still crying for the death of Gora Gasama, another Malian farmhand was involved on Monday night in another road accident as he was walking back from his tent camp," according to the statement.

Gasama, a young Senegalese worker who lived in the Calabrian tent camp of San Ferdinando, in December was run over and killed by a car as he was cycling back from work in the plane of Gioia Tauro.

Ubs went on to say that, "luckily, the worker is not in serious condition, but he is nevertheless hospitalized under observation."

"The accident was caused by the dark, dangerous road but the exasperation for the situation also involved the car's driver who was a victim of the exasperated climate, despite the fact that he called for help," the union said, also extending its solidarity to the driver.

A situation of neglect

The union went on to denounce the "situation of neglect in which this government, like previous ones, continues to keep farmhands, which cannot be tolerated anymore."

"On December 21 we asked for a meeting with the labor minister, but as of today we have not received a reply."

"It is proof that for the government and institutions, the life of those living in that territory, whites or blacks, is of little value," the statement added.

"And if lighting up roads again remains an urgent need, so is a response by Labor Minister Nunzia Catalfo to our request for a meeting: it cannot be tolerated anymore that these workers must continue to live in inhumane conditions to guarantee extremely low-paid manpower. The tension in ghettos is increasing: it is not possible to work for 35 euros a day to then die like a dog."

Situation 'must be solved'

The union's statement concluded saying that "the situation of migrant farmworkers needs to be solved not with words but with facts," citing as priorities, among others, the respect of working conditions, registered contracts, housing and the regularization of foreign workers. "It won't be enough to light up a road to give dignity and justice."


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