Archive: Migrants protest in Reggio Calabria | Photo: ANSA
Archive: Migrants protest in Reggio Calabria | Photo: ANSA

Authorities in Reggio Calabria (southern Italy) decided to strengthen security measures in relation to road accidents in the Gioia Tauro plain in which migrants were victims.

The committee for order and public safety in the Gioia Tauro plain ordered a strengthening of security measures after migrants who live in the area were recently victims of road accidents.

The committee met on 8 January and established initiatives aimed at increasing security conditions in the area. The mayors of Rosarno and San Ferdinando participated in the meeting along with senior members of the provincial police forces.

Following the meeting, a video conference took place with union representatives and members of the associations MEDU (Doctors for Human Rights - Italy), Emergency, and the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy.

Authorities' initiatives

A statement released by the prefecture summarized the requests for increased security.

"During the meeting, participants called for actions to increase awareness about the use of safety devices to facilitate visibility during circulation on roads. In addition, problems connected to accidents in the area were examined, and possible interventions aimed at fighting the problem were identified, including infrastructural," the statement said.

Another meeting will be held Tuesday with members from the region and the city. The prefecture said initiatives were presented for the purchase of safety devices to distribute to migrant workers, such as vests and reflective strips and lights for bicycles.

Migrant victim of hit-and-run, driver charged

On Thursday, Carabinieri police charged a 23-year-old driver with committing injuries and failing to provide first aid after hitting a migrant on a bicycle in Rosarno.

The migrant was taken to hospital and given a three-day prognosis for recovery.

Carabinieri said the migrant, a 34-year-old from Ghana, turned his bicycle onto via Nazionale Sud without stopping at a stop sign and was hit by a citrus transport van carrying crates of oranges. The migrant lost his balance and fell off his bicycle.

He was tended to by other migrants and Carabinieri police from the Gioia Tauro station intervened. He was then taken to the hospital in Polistena.

The intervention by Carabinieri, together with other police officers, also served to reassure the local migrant community, which had gathered to learn about the injured man's condition.

Investigators were able to reconstruct the events after reviewing video surveillance footage recorded by some private cameras in the area.

In fact, shortly after, a Romanian man who had just recently been hired with a regular work contract turned himself into the Rosarno Carabinieri, accompanied by his employer, the owner of a local fruit company in the plain.

The young Romanian said he did not stop even though he realized he had hit the man on the bike.

The accident took place after a similar incident reported by the Usb labour union last week, in which a migrant worker from Mali was hit on Monday evening while walking back to the San Ferdinando tent camp after work.


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