From file: German police checking a different lorry in which a migrant was traveling | Photo: Andreas Arnold / picture-alliance / dpa
From file: German police checking a different lorry in which a migrant was traveling | Photo: Andreas Arnold / picture-alliance / dpa

Six Afghan migrants were discovered inside a Bulgarian lorry by German police in a motorway lorry park in southern Germany on Saturday, January 23.

The six Afghan migrants, between 15 and 21 years of age were discovered in the back of a Bulgarian lorry on Saturday afternoon. The local newspaper Die Stimme reported that the Bulgarian lorry driver had stopped for a break in a lorry park off the A6 motorway, near the small town of Bad Rappenau, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

According to statements from German police in the nearby town of Heilbronn, the driver of a Bulgarian lorry heard knocking coming from his trailer and had noticed that it was moving around. He asked a fellow lorry driver to call the police.

Destination EU

When the police arrived, six young men jumped out, saying they were from Afghanistan. They said they had got in the lorry on Wednesday in Romania.

A Polish lorry driver who observed the incident told Die Stimme that the lorry changed drivers at the lorry park. He said that two Turkish drivers left and the Bulgarian driver was meant to take the goods on to the German city of Mannheim.

As the Bulgarian driver arrived, he heard knocking coming from inside the lorry trailer. The police and other emergency services were called to get the lorry open. The migrants thought that they had already arrived in France, according to reports in Die Stimme. They asked for water as they emerged from the lorry.

'Hungry and thirsty'

Police spokespeople told Die Stimme that the migrants were hungry and thirsty. According to the Polish driver, the lorry must have already got through at least three border controls between Turkey and Germany. Die Stimme reports that the lorry is thought to have traveled from Turkey, through Bulgaria, Romania, Austria and on to Germany.

The German news agency dpa said that the emergency services brought water for the men and gave them a medical check.

The Bulgarian driver and the six migrants were then taken for questioning by the police. According to Die Stimme, the Bulgarian driver was brought back to continue his journey with his lorry by police on Saturday evening.

More cases in southern Germany

Four of the adult migrants, according to Die Stimme, were taken to a center in Karlsruhe and two, who said they were 15 and 16 years of age were taken into a center for young migrants.

According to regional German public broadcaster SWR, police in the region also discovered another six Afghan migrants in a Romanian lorry on the border with France at the weekend.

In this case the migrants were, according to SWR, between 16 and 24 years of age. Despite the winter temperatures, they were safe and well and when discovered by the police asked to apply for asylum. They didn’t have passports or papers with them, said the police to SWR. The police took them too to a center for asylum seekers.


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