Salem, an Eritrean relocated from Italy to Portugal

This is the testimony of Salem, an Eritrean woman who successfully relocated from Italy to Portugal. The mother of a beautiful baby called Joana, Salem fled her country to find freedom. She had the courage to speak up about smugglers and to recount the story of her terrible journey to Europe.

She is one of the many hidden heroes, and one of the thousands of people for which the EU Relocation Programme has proved to be a unique chance to start a new life in Europe, in a safe and legal manner.

The video presents her experience, her journey from Eritrea to Portugal, the relocation from Italy to Portugal, and focuses on her new life in Portugal and on what this beautiful country offers both in terms of rights, such as accommodation, healthcare, language courses, permanent support, etc., and hospitality. She recounts how Portuguese people received her with their open arms, gave her a real chance to pursuit her dreams, and, most importantly, the power to smile again...


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