Source: Screenshot BBC News September 22, 2019 /
Source: Screenshot BBC News September 22, 2019 /

Greek police have arrested a group of migrants who were dressed up as a sports team and were headed to Vienna using fake passports. The incident was the third in two years.

Nine Syrian migrants were arrested on Sunday evening at Athens airport. Greek public radio ERT reported Monday that the men were travelling with fake Romanian passports. They were headed for Vienna and were trying to pass themselves off as a volleyball team, according to the news site Protothema.

With the help of smugglers, migrants have used this method a number of times in the past to try to reach Europe. In September 2019 and March 2020, Greek police stopped two groups who were pretending to be volleyballers and handballers and were attempting to travel to Switzerland and Austria.

Police say a falsified passport costs €500 - €3,000 on the Greek black market, depending on the quality of the document, according to the dpa news agency.

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